Highland Moor by Ben Lilly on Flickr.


Finding trails to walk on and a place to camp just somewhere deep in nature and taking beautiful pictures of everything with someone you really care about just sounds so perfect.

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today was shit but thats not gonna stop me from posting ugly ass selfies to quench my thirst for attention

posting really rad selfies* (alex you’re great okay)


what the fuck does an x have to do with this picture, god WHY DO PEOPLE DELETE CAPTIONS THEN SELF PROMOTE YYYYY Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y YYYYY Y YY Y Y Y that is literally so rude. original caption, in case you want to delete all of this and just leave that behind when reblogging: those are dragonflies by the way, I might have taken this out of a fairytale of some sort



SOMEONE PLEASE DISCUSS THE END OF ELFEN LIED WITH ME please oh gosh what even happened was it lucy 

  • I posted about the end of Elfen lied anime [spoiler - here]
    i can’t go in details since i read the manga.
    but hopefully the link will help ^^

see, I kind of thought it was Lucy.. but the one that wasn’t bent on destroying humans. nearly a cross between Nyu and Lucy. So why do you think it’s the former behind the door?


_140718_2713 by verbeek_dennis on Flickr.


idk why it’s blurry
Anonymous: I'm a new follower (I love your page by the way) and I'm on mobile, so could you tell me your name and a bit about yourself?

oh oh thank you!! hi my name is sabrina (a lot of friends call me sab), I don’t like my knees, I really like the scent of wet paper towels and lavender, and I don’t know how to tell people a bit about myself. what’s your name? 

Anonymous: I love you and I hope happiness and peace embraces you for the greater part of your life.

I dearly hope so to, it’s already been absent in such a large part of it. Thank you kind person.